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Keep track of your deliveries and work with trusted carriers. AHAVA FREIGHT BROKERAGE LLC can assist you through each process. We work with a network of reliable shippers & carriers, putting every client’s needs first and delivering quality work. 

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History or Background of the Company

AHAVA FREIGHT BROKERAGE, LLC was born out of a need to help others. We are a company in its infancy, and we want to get to know you. We are the connectors between the shippers and the carriers.  AHAVA FREIGHT BROKERAGE, LLC was formed out of a desire to help shippers get their loads to a pandemic-fearful world as well as to help carriers get enough work to help feed their families and loved ones.

Mission Statement

At AHAVA FREIGHT BROKERAGE, LLC our mission is your mission—safe and timely delivery of your freight. AHAVA FREIGHT BROKERAGE, LLC strives to establish meaningful, professional relationships that are constructed on moral and ethical business practices. We care that you have struggles and that at times the load seems too hard or too difficult to move.

We strive on service and putting our best foot forward, so that you can look good and shine. We understand that without you there is no us. So, here at AHAVA FREIGHT BROKERAGE, LLC we take our job seriously by ensuring the safety and timely delivery of products to consumers.

What We Offer